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Re: DynamicTextSpanners should end like hairpins

From: Phil Holmes
Subject: Re: DynamicTextSpanners should end like hairpins
Date: Thu, 12 Aug 2010 18:18:31 +0100

"Jon Arnold" <address@hidden> wrote in message news:address@hidden
I'm not top posting.

DynamicTextSpanners in their current state will prevent hairpins from being
produced properly if the space is small.

The DynamicTextSpanner should have the same right boundary as a hairpin (i.e. a \cresc should end at the same place as a \< ). They should also behave the same
way at barlines.

The following example demonstrates the behavior of a \cresc and a crescendo hairpin at the same place. Notice that the following diminuendo hairpin is cut off in the first example. The final example shows the proper diminuendo hairpin,
as the \cresc is ended a beat earlier than in the original music.

The second set of examples shows similar behavior but ending at a barline.


I'm assuming that \cresc etc. are new features of 2.13? So - since it's presumably work in progress, should I open a new bug report, or should this be added as a comment to an existing Issue - 817 presumably?

Phil Holmes
Bug Squad

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