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From: Patrick Schmidt
Subject: \autoBeamOff
Date: Mon, 16 Aug 2010 23:30:09 +0200

Dear LilyPonders,

while trying to typeset some vocal music I encountered some difficulties with \autoBeamOff:

1) \autoBeamOff has no effect on other voices when used in a global variable/ghost voice. It has to be turned on explicitly for each voice. This is probably intentional but AFAIK not mentioned in the docs.

2) \autoBeamoff shows strange effects in combination with 16th notes and \partcombine. \autoBeamOff only effects 16th notes when they happen to be in the first measure of a combined part. All following measures containing 16th notes are beamed automatically as if automatic beaming had been turned on again. This looks like a bug to me!? (No problems with \autoBeamOff in standard polyphonic notation) In combination with \autoBeamOff \partcombine seems to require some curly braces, e.g.:

\partcombine { \autoBeamOff\MusicPartOne } { \autoBeamOff \MusicPartTwo }

I didn't find this information in the docs.

Here's an example (please uncomment/comment the first measure in each variable):

\version "2.13.30"

global = {
  \time 2/4
  \key f\major

Soprano = {
  %f'8 f' f' f' |
  g'16(a'16) bes'16 (g'16) f'16 (e'16) d'16(e'16) |

Alto = {
  %f'8 f' f' f' |
  d'4 bes8 bes8 |

\score {
  \new Staff = "SopranoAlto" <<
    \new Voice = "globalSettings" {
    \partcombine %\Soprano\Alto
          { \autoBeamOff\Soprano }
          { \autoBeamOff\Alto }
  \layout {
    \context { \Staff
      printPartCombineTexts = ##f


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