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verifying issues

From: Graham Percival
Subject: verifying issues
Date: Sun, 22 Aug 2010 20:56:34 +0100

Bug Squad: I see 9 issues that were marked "fixed_2_13_30" that have
not been verified.  Have you all really been spending your 15 minutes
a day just catching up on email?  Some of them, like 1212, are
difficult to verify and you should probably leave it for Patrick to
do.  But stuff like 1172 just involves going to a website and checking
if there's some links there -- *not* hard to verify.

The absolute key to Bug Squad work is to avoid having it pile up.  Do
your 15 minutes a day.
(in a few weeks, I'll ask for actual times that people have been
spending, and adjust the CG accordingly -- maybe it only takes 10
minutes a day if all 7 of you do your part; maybe it actually takes 25
minutes a week, etc.)

Phil: it's your job to keep on top of this.  If you notice that tasks
are piling up, send people a gentle reminder.  If you notice that
somebody regularly doesn't do anything on their day, ask (privately)
if they know what to do, or whether their circumstances have changed
and they can no longer offer 15 minutes a week, etc etc.

Again, don't let this stuff pile up.  It's an easy job if you keep
current.  It's a huge slog if you get behind.

- Graham

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