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Re: [tablatures] tremolos in tablature

From: Patrick Schmidt
Subject: Re: [tablatures] tremolos in tablature
Date: Mon, 23 Aug 2010 21:56:37 +0200

Am 23.08.2010 um 21:26 schrieb Marc Hohl:

Patrick Schmidt schrieb:
Hi all,

in the following example misplaced tremolos appear in tablature without \tabFullNotation. With \tabFullNotation the symbols are placed correctly but IMO in both cases the tremolo symbols are too massive in tablature (see attached pngs).

\version "2.13.30"

music = {
  <c e g c' e'>4:16
  \repeat tremolo 4 c'16
  \repeat tremolo 2 { c16 d }
  \repeat tremolo 4 { <c d>16 }

\score {
    \new Staff {
      \clef "treble_8"
    \new TabStaff {

This seems to be a bug.

Hi Patrick,

yes, of course. I didn't use tremolos very often while playing around with
the new tablature appearance which yielded to scm/tablature.scm, so
I overlooked this.
1) Use

\override TabVoice.StemTremolo #'transparent = ##t
That's great, I'll provide a patch within the next days.

The #'beam-thickness of the tremolo beams is defined in scm/define- grobs.scm as .48 * staff space. In ly/engraver-init.ly we have the staff space spread to 1.5 * staff space, so it would be optimal to define the #'beam-thickness in TabStaff being 0.48/1.5=0.32 to ensure the tremolo beams are equal
in size for normal and tab staves.

What do you think?
Sounds great!




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