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Re: line indents confuse vertical spacing

From: Patrick McCarty
Subject: Re: line indents confuse vertical spacing
Date: Thu, 4 Nov 2010 16:25:46 -0700

On Sun, Oct 31, 2010 at 6:17 PM, Keith E OHara <address@hidden> wrote:
> Dear Bug Squad,
>   Would you please look at the possible collision-regression in the example
> below?
> It seems as if the vertical spacing engine has a different idea of what the
> indents are, than does the printing engine.  This matters when the indents
> are different on neighboring lines, such as the first and second line of a
> score.
> I should emphasize that I did *not* notice this in real music, despite my
> efforts to uncover exactly this kind of problem.  Instead, I found this
> while looking into issue 1290, which required me to make some artificial
> examples.
> I put in a non-essential tie just to give a colliding object some width, to
> confirm that this is not just a near-miss kind of error.
> --8<--
> \version "2.13.38"
> \score { {
>  \repeat unfold 16 g'
>  g' g' g, g'       %  \break
>  \repeat unfold 20 g'
>  g' g'''~g'''~g''' % the tie is not essential
> }
> \layout {
>  %  indent = #2
>  %  short-indent = #14
> } }
> % #(ly:set-option 'debug-skylines #t)

I've spent a while thinking about this, and I'm not sure what to make of it.

I agree with you in that this is a different issue than 1290, so I'll
add it to the tracker (with a different example snippet).


I can't test to see if it's a regression right now, but I assume that it is.


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