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Re: Issue 673 in lilypond: problem with order of \consists

From: lilypond
Subject: Re: Issue 673 in lilypond: problem with order of \consists
Date: Thu, 11 Nov 2010 17:52:48 +0000

Comment #8 on issue 673 by address@hidden: problem with order of \consists

On 27/04/2010 14:04, Graham Percival wrote:
Talking about
problem with order of \consists

On Tue, Apr 27, 2010 at 1:38 PM, Kieren MacMillan
<address@hidden>  wrote:
Reviewing the situation, I'm not sure I *need* to send a patch: the Learning [!!] page


has a link at the bottom to the Notation page


which, in turn, has the clear and helpful note

"Usually the order in which the engravers are specified does not matter, but in a few special cases the order is important, for example where one engraver writes a property and another reads it, or where one engraver creates a grob and another must process it. The order in which the engravers are specified is the order in which they are called to carry out their processing.

The following orderings are important: the Bar_engraver must normally be first, and the New_fingering_engraver must come before the Script_column_engraver. There may be others with ordering dependencies."

So what should we add to either page to make it clearer?

Don't change anything on the Learning page.

For the Notation page, there's four options:

1)  Add a sentence about default_bar_line_engraver and
timing_translator  (or whatever Werner was talking about on 673).  I
know we've already said "there order may matter; here's one example,
but there may be others", but we might as well list this case since it
came up.

2)  Do some trawling through the IR and/or code (as per Han-Wen's
comment 5 in the issue)  and try to discover all dependency chains of
engravers, then list all those in Notation.  If you go to this much
effort, we might as well make a separate section (well,
unnumberedsubsubsec) in the docs for these dependency chains.

3)  Do #1, but put it in a new unnumberedsubsubsec for better visibility.

4)  Pester some code people into adding "this context/engraver depends
on context/engravers foo band bar" into the code documentation, such
that this info will automatically get into the IR.  Oh, maybe modify
the IR-generation functions to read this new info.

umm, in doxygen terms, I'm thinking of something like
but I don't know offhand how this might fit into the IR-generation stuff.

hmm... I'm thinking that we should do 3, then add 4 to the tracker.  4
could be a fantastic project for a Frog that was thinking about
improving the IR... it's a relatively small change, and frankly
relatively unimportant (so it doesn't matter if it doesn't get done
for 2 years), but OTOH it forces them to learn a lot about the
IR-generation routines.  If there's ever any serious effort to improve
the IR (and I know people have been talking about this for years),
then this makes a good "first hurdle" so we can see whether people are
willing to "walk the walk" instead of just talking.  :)

At this stage, I think the doc change is up to you, Kieren: you've
done at least 100 times as much IR-reading / tweaking as I have, so I
value your opinion on this stuff more than my own.  Decide whether you
want #1, 2, or 3 (after waiting for potential comments), then email
the new text to James.

James: we haven't talked about adding new unnumberedsubsubsec yet, but
this is a good time to do it since it's not urgent.

For #4, we'll wait for comments (or immediate offers of help, haha),
and then add it to the tracker as a postponed item.

- Graham

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