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Tie like a slur

From: Phil Holmes
Subject: Tie like a slur
Date: Wed, 17 Nov 2010 17:43:47 -0000

I've been setting some music with something like the following:

\new Staff {
 \time 6/8
 \clef "treble"
 a''8 a''8 a''8 a''8 a''8 a''8
\new Staff {
 \time 6/8
 \clef "bass"
 < a c' f'>4. ~  < b c' e'>4.

(I've done the 2 staves because it gets the spacing on the lower one closer to what I have).

Lily sets this as shown in the attached image - to my eyes this looks more like a slur than a tie. Bug? Issue 139?

Phil Holmes
Bug Squad

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