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Re: imperfect convert-ly rules

From: Keith E OHara
Subject: Re: imperfect convert-ly rules
Date: Thu, 18 Nov 2010 18:24:59 -0800
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On Thu, 18 Nov 2010 14:15:49 -0800, Keith E OHara wrote:

Let's also change paper-defaults-init.ly so that \mm really means millimetres :
   mm = #(/ 1.0 staff-space)

Gosh, no.  That was a mistake, because 'indent' and 'top-margin' and such 
things are still entered in mm (quite sensibly).  The current definitions of 
mm, in, etc., need to stay as they are, for use with these variables.

My request is that
   between-system-padding = 5\mm
be converted to
   system-system-spacing #'padding = 5\mm

I take that back as well.  I don't actually *want* to express these spaces in 
mm; I was only following the old manual.

Now I see the value in a non-naive conversion that would produce something like 
 between-system-padding = 5\mm
 system-system-spacing #'padding = #(/ between-system-padding staff-space)

If this gets into the tracker, the extension below of Neil's example would be a 
good test-case.  If we can fix the spurious warnings about minimum-Y-extent at 
the same time, then the snippet below should convert-ly with no error messages.

\version "2.13.9"
\paper {
  between-system-padding = 10\mm
  between-system-space = 0
\score {
  \relative c'' {
    c1 \break
 \layout { \context { \Lyrics
   \override LyricText #'minimum-Y-extent = #'(-1 . 2)

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