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Re: Issue 146 in lilypond: bar counters for normal bars

From: Phil Holmes
Subject: Re: Issue 146 in lilypond: bar counters for normal bars
Date: Fri, 19 Nov 2010 16:19:37 -0000

"Alexander Kobel" <address@hidden> wrote in message news:address@hidden
On 2010-11-19 15:37, Phil Holmes wrote:
<address@hidden> wrote in message
Comment #5 on issue 146 by lemzwerg: bar counters for normal bars

It's simply not implemented yet. Someone has to add a RepeatCounter
grob (in analogy to PercentRepeatCounter).

I'm struggling to understand the difference between what's requested in
146 and what is delivered with the current LilyPond implementation of
bar/measure numbers.

Hi, Phil,

see e.g. <http://lsr.dsi.unimi.it/LSR/Item?id=651>. Which is sort of a really, really nasty workaround to implement them; I have a vague idea about making it only singly-really nasty, and adopting it for better spacing, but I won't deal with it before 2.14. is there. Even then, it'll be far from an easy-to-use solution. The bar counters are stand-alone staff-like thingies which can be printed at an arbitrary position of the score (above, below, or even in between for large scores). The bar numbers should be centered between bar lines, and typically the font much more "present" or dominant than for measure numbers. I think they are primarily intended for conductor's scores. (Note this is what I feel bar counters should look like, and it's similar to what Werner implemented in the much simpler <http://lsr.dsi.unimi.it/LSR/Item?id=473>. For a proper enhancement, we should have a look in some notation guidebook.)

Thanks for the explanation - that has clarified it for me. I think we can summarise by saying that a bar counter is the same as a bar number, but in a different place - above the relevant measure, rather than above the bar line.

Phil Holmes
Bug Squad

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