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Fwd: page fit error

From: Xavier Scheuer
Subject: Fwd: page fit error
Date: Mon, 22 Nov 2010 16:50:54 +0100

Fwd to bug-lilypond

It does not seems to be "tracked" already; I do not know how to isolate
the issue.


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From: Bill Mooney <address@hidden>
Date: 20 November 2010 04:23
Subject: page fit error
To: Lilypond-User List <address@hidden>

Greetings All,
The attached .ly file compiles and gives an error

Drawing systems...
warning: couldn't fit music on page: overflow is -0.000000

but the resulting pdf file has everything as it should be.

Is there an error in the code, or is LP's layout process at fault?

This file actually produces a more compact layout (vertically) than
its parent due to the absence of elements outside some of the
staves... note stems, hairpins etc ...

All helpful suggestions etc gratefully accepted! :)

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