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bug report on version 2.13.56

From: Mario Bolognani
Subject: bug report on version 2.13.56
Date: Fri, 1 Apr 2011 08:55:20 +0200

The annexed bug report still remains in the 2.13.56 release! 

> When multiple voices occur (see examples annexed) and you use given notes in 
> the upper voice (file: couperin_messa_paroisses_agnus_deuxieme_couplet) e. g. 
> sib instead of si, see: XXmdn = ...{ bar 27 ...}, but also mib16 instead of 
> fa16, see XXms =... {  )  the compilation process fails. Note that version 
> 2.12.1 compiles correctly. 
> Greetings
> Mario
> ps: the file: "couperin_messa_paroisses_agnus_deuxieme_couplet" contains the 
> music, the file: "couperin_messa_paroisses_score1" has to be used for 
> compiling  with some auxiliary files (variabili, header1)

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