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Broken piano template w/ centered dynamics

From: Hinrik ÖrnSigurðsson
Subject: Broken piano template w/ centered dynamics
Date: Thu, 7 Apr 2011 11:40:43 +0000 (UTC)
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If one sets an instrument name (\set PianoStaff.instrumentName = #"Piano") with
this template, the name with be incorrectly placed on the Y-axis (below center,
see http://i.imgur.com/SmUDr.png). This only happens if pedaling instructions
are specified, and it seems to relate to the following line:

    \override VerticalAxisGroup #'minimum-Y-extent = #'(-1 . 1)

If it is omitted, the instrument name will be centered, but of course the
dynamics and pedaling will then appear in the wrong place, so this is not a

The following will move the instrument name slightly closer to the center:

    \override PianoStaff.InstrumentName #'self-alignment-Y = #DOWN

It's still not in the center, though.

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