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Re: emproving Documentation about chordGlissando [WAS:consecutive chordG

From: Federico Bruni
Subject: Re: emproving Documentation about chordGlissando [WAS:consecutive chordGlissando]
Date: Thu, 21 Apr 2011 16:52:52 +0200

Thanks Carl,

yes, the issue is related to relative mode

Il giorno gio, 21/04/2011 alle 07.13 -0600, Carl Sorensen ha scritto:
> put an octave check on the second chord.  That should solve the
> problem.
> <g b e>8 <a='' d fis> 

I made several tries but none worked.
This works:

  \octaveCheck c'
  <bes cis fis>8 <b\3 d g>

(full snippet attached)

Maybe it could be added in the Documentation (NR 2.4.1, Default

Also, I have a nitpick suggestion: is it possible to make the following
sentence more "visible"? A warning/note maybe?

"String numbers are necessary for TabStaff because automatic string
calculations are different for chords and for single notes, and
\chordGlissando draws lines between single notes."

In the attached snippet you can see that one more bar is added in chord
glissando if string numbers are not indicated.  I think that users
should be warned about this possible error.


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