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Issue 1636 in lilypond: midiVolume 0.0 not respected

From: lilypond
Subject: Issue 1636 in lilypond: midiVolume 0.0 not respected
Date: Mon, 25 Apr 2011 23:17:55 +0000

Status: Accepted
Owner: ----
Labels: Type-Defect Priority-Critical Regression

New issue 1636 by address@hidden: midiVolume 0.0 not respected

Setting midi volume to 0.0 for some instruments is very useful for proofreading (proof-listening) scores. With the current mixed implementation of dynamics as part MIDI velocity, part MIDI volume, the net effect of volume 0.0 should be silence, but it is not.

Fortunately, the workaround is very easy: 0.001. (I intend to mention the workaround in CHANGES soon, in hopes of making thus not-release-blocking; that mention can be deleted if the bug can be fixed.)

\version "2.13.60"  % 2.12.3 and 2.13.48 work
%{ midiM*Volume not respected if volume is 0.0
   Below, dynamics are not essential, but helpful for reading the MIDI file.
\score {
    g'4\fff g'4\ppp
    \set Staff.midiMinimumVolume = #0.0
    \set Staff.midiMaximumVolume = #0.0 % workaround: #0.0001
    g'4\fff g'4\ppp
  \midi { }

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