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Re: Bug in 64th-note sloped beams

From: Phil Holmes
Subject: Re: Bug in 64th-note sloped beams
Date: Wed, 27 Apr 2011 16:31:57 +0100

"James Lowe" <address@hidden> wrote in message news:address@hidden
Fwding to email group as I was sent this privately:

)-----Original Message-----
)From: Bird [mailto:address@hidden
)Sent: 27 April 2011 10:00
)To: James Lowe
)Subject: RE: Bug in 64th-note sloped beams
)> Hello,
)> % Accidentals inside a sloped 64th-note beam % cause an error in
)> version 2.13.60.
)> \version "2.13.60"
)> \relative c'' { c64[ des] }
)> Can you define 'error'?
)> James

Running on Mac OS X x86, this input generates the message
"programming error: No viable beam quanting found.  Using unquanted y
value." The output looks like


I can get a similar error with 16th notes further apart:

\relative c'' { g16[ fis'] }

The same thing happens with autobeaming but it makes the example
longer. The problem is new since 2.13.53 and I haven't found anything
covering this single-staff, single- voice beaming problem in the bug


I am currently assuming that beaming problems are caused by http://code.google.com/p/lilypond/issues/detail?id=1619

Phil Holmes
Bug Squad

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