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Re: Issue 1635 in lilypond: clean up misleading warnings in website buil

From: lilypond
Subject: Re: Issue 1635 in lilypond: clean up misleading warnings in website build
Date: Thu, 28 Apr 2011 18:01:20 +0000

Comment #8 on issue 1635 by percival.music.ca: clean up misleading warnings in website build

Depends what you mean by "as you're no doubt aware". I'm aware that the message which is printed to screen claims that a file was not found.

I am *not* aware, or convinced, that:
- the file actually is not there. (somebody could have screwed up an "if" statement, or forgotten to assign a value to the right variable, etc). - the file is actually supposed to be there. (maybe it's not relevant to the website build? if the website looks ok, then that's pretty good evidence that the "missing" file doesn't matter!) - the file is actually supposed to be there at that point in the build. (maybe the missing file is created at a later stage, and after that later stage, extract*.py is run again? trust me, I've seen bigger screw-ups than that in our build system!) - we don't have a missing directory in the arguments. (maybe the file was created perfectly well, or exists in git, but the search path is missing one directory... this is particularly common when combined with relative directories. If the build is started at a different directory, one of the relative paths could be wrong by a single ../ and then it won't find anything)

At this point, you know as much as I -- the only extra "wisdom" that I can pass along is that our build system is a complete load of duct tape and prayer. We've seen 3 or 4 "generations" of people working on this, each person not really understanding what the previous people did, and (in my case at least) not really caring. I was particularly sloppy in the translation stuff, since my understanding was that other people were going to handle the translation infrastructure.

Do not trust that the code does what it claims to be doing. Do not trust that whatever the code claims to be doing, is the right thing to do. Do not trust that the previous authors knew more about this stuff than you do. etc.

The bottom line is that (AFAIK) when you type "make website" you get a functional website in out-website/website/. Treat everything else with caution. Including this advice. :)

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