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Re: Issue 1635 in lilypond: clean up misleading warnings in website buil

From: lilypond
Subject: Re: Issue 1635 in lilypond: clean up misleading warnings in website build
Date: Fri, 29 Apr 2011 13:39:42 +0000

Comment #19 on issue 1635 by percival.music.ca: clean up misleading warnings in website build

oops, ok. I was confused between "wind.itely" and "winds.itely". Hmm, it would be nice if the auto-generated files from snippets were named stuff like "winds-snippets.itely". Maybe make that a separate issue in the tracker?

I now agree that we're in situation (b) the files aren't there, and they're not supposed to be there. (we don't want to generate extra files that aren't used in the website build)

So I think we need to modify extract_texi.py to not complain about these files. The first thing that comes to mind is --website flag, which (if enabled) will add an extra check to the "missing files". We'll define a list of "ok to be missing" files (at the top of the script), and then if the missing file is one of those, then extract_texi won't print any warning message.

I think we want to keep the warning messages in general, becaues if there's a file missing in a doc build (which also uses extract_texi.py), then those warnings would be helpful. Granted, at the moment any such warnings would be buried under tons of other misleading warnings... but one step at a time.

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