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Re: bug report

From: Colin Campbell
Subject: Re: bug report
Date: Sat, 15 Oct 2011 12:37:02 -0600
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On 11-10-15 11:06 AM, Pierre wrote:
%bug report. This is a lilypond file
% at a same time : remove empty staff is on an end,
% and the alto voice is changing staff.
% just before,  la fa stems end at the middle
% of the staff and no beams are printed
%but good printing with  instead la [fa]
\version "2.12.3"
\include "italiano.ly"

soprano = \relative
  { \time 2/4
sol }

alto = \relative
re8  re la fa %but good printing with re8  re la [fa]
\change Staff = basse
mi2 }

tenor =  {  \clef bass
s2 }

\paper { system-count = #3  ragged-bottom = ##t }

\score { \new PianoStaff<<  \new Staff = dessus
  {<<  \soprano \\ \alto>>  }
\new Staff = basse  \tenor>>

\layout{ \context { \RemoveEmptyStaffContext }
\context { \Score
\override VerticalAxisGroup #'remove-first = ##t } }

Thanks for the example, Pierre! Your code works well for me, using later versions of Lilypond. You are using 2.12 which has been replaced by 2.14. I've compiled your example using 2.13, which gave me the correct beaming but put the stems and beams into the bass clef. I also used 2.15 which gave a much better looking result. Would you try updating your Lilypond from the website (www.lilypond.org ) and I believe that will put things right for you.


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