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Re: musicxml2ly: group-symbol none leads to bus error

From: pls
Subject: Re: musicxml2ly: group-symbol none leads to bus error
Date: Sat, 22 Oct 2011 11:33:56 +0200

Am 22.10.2011 um 07:16 schrieb Colin Campbell:

> I'm not sure what sort of error to look for, Patrick.  When I run your file 
> on my system, I don't see any errors reported on the console, either from 
> musicxml2ly or lilypond itself. The resulting .ly compiles with only one 
> error: the lack of any graphic output, by way of .pdf or .ps.  Is this the 
> error you are reporting?

Hi Colin,

hm, there aren't any errors reported from musicxml2ly but when I try to compile 
the file with v2.15.14 I get:

Interpreting music... Bus error

With v2.15.15 I get:

Interpreting music... Segmentation fault

resulting in a lack of graphic output!


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