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Re: Issue 1127 in lilypond: Piano staff centred dynamics

From: lilypond
Subject: Re: Issue 1127 in lilypond: Piano staff centred dynamics
Date: Tue, 25 Oct 2011 07:59:21 +0000

Comment #7 on issue 1127 by address@hidden: Piano staff centred dynamics

+1 for Keith's work second result. I guess I have to rephrase my demand to "sensibly centered dynamics". To yield this, I wonder whether it already suffices just /not/ to keep a common baseline for the Dynamics. Instead, adjust each DynamicScript independently of the others. (No clue how hard this is to do, though. From my naive POV, it should be equivalent to instantiate a new Dynamics context for each DynamicScript, but in fact it's not as simple as that...)

Also +1 for Werner's idea of a correction factor between "staff" and "skyline" spacing.

Don't forget, though: we need the syntactic option to denote groups of dynamics to be aligned together (e.g., several hairpins close together on the same baseline).

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