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Re: Issue 2024 in lilypond: Patch: Let #{ ... #} pass its $ handling to

From: lilypond
Subject: Re: Issue 2024 in lilypond: Patch: Let #{ ... #} pass its $ handling to environment cloning
Date: Tue, 08 Nov 2011 15:43:06 +0000

Comment #4 on issue 2024 by address@hidden: Patch: Let #{ ... #} pass its $ handling to environment cloning

I am rather serious about this. The last upload removes all uses of ly:export _via_ convertrules. Automatically, even though this involves non-trivial editing of Scheme code and embedded Lilypond. In the process, it slightly changes the call syntax of, I think, 5 Scheme functions which, for no imaginable reason whatsoever, are called in Scheme rather than as music functions, but return a packed identifier that is only ever useful used in Lilypond syntax.

This is not a question of GLISS but rather of sanity. This patch does not address the sanity angle; it merely requires the user to use $ when using those functions rather than #. As a side benefit, their return values are now useful when called from Scheme, but I doubt anybody actually wants to do that. They should really be turned into music functions. All manual uses of ly:export are also patched away, and definition and use of a similarly weird function in the baerenreiter regtest are automagically detected and changed.

After this gets accepted, I will remove ly:export altogether, and split the phases of reading and evaluation # expressions, getting rid of their synchronization problems.

You better review this before it passes a countdown. As I said, I am dead serious about it. It straightens out a lot of wrinkles and inconsistencies in the interaction of Lilypond, Scheme, and #{ ... #} code blocks, with an interplay that is logical and understandable rather than a series of unrelated hacks.

You'll need to handbump VERSION for reviewing at the moment, since convert-ly has to pick a not-yet existing release number. Let's hope that we get the official version bump soon.

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