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Re: Issue 1998 in lilypond: GUB problem with curl, SSLv2_client_method

From: Graham Percival
Subject: Re: Issue 1998 in lilypond: GUB problem with curl, SSLv2_client_method
Date: Thu, 10 Nov 2011 12:14:03 +0000
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On Wed, Nov 09, 2011 at 09:34:59PM -0700, Colin Campbell wrote:
> On 11-11-06 03:25 PM, Colin Campbell wrote:
> >Attached seems to work, Graham.  As I mentioned, the
> >lilypond-installer build still chokes on python, but I've looked
> >through the curl.log and it seems to report ssl as being OK.

oops, I forgot to thank you for the patch.  I took out the
different config options, though, since I'm not convinced they're
necessary, and when I'm dealing with something I don't understand
I try to make the minimum amount of changes.
> In the continuing saga, academic now, I suppose, since Graham has
> reverted to Musty Meerkat,

I'll be changing my OS back in January, so it's not academic.
There's a two-month window to get stuff worked out before we lose
the ability to make releases again.

> -isystem 
> /home/colin/gub/target/freebsd-x86/root/usr/cross/i686-freebsd4/sys-include
> checking for suffix of object files... configure: error: cannot
> compute suffix of object files: cannot compile

FWIW, I saw the same thing.

> It looks as though MPFR and GMP are present, but I don't see how to
> depend MPC, so I'm open to pointers as to where to apply a
> properly-sized hammer.

Try to get Jan's attention, and discuss it with him.

This issue can be closed, since the curl thing was fixed by Colin.

- Graham

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