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Re: Issue 2047 in lilypond: Patch: Add \accidentalStyle command

From: Keith OHara
Subject: Re: Issue 2047 in lilypond: Patch: Add \accidentalStyle command
Date: Sat, 19 Nov 2011 08:00:52 +0000 (UTC)
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 <lilypond <at> googlecode.com> writes:
> I expect the problem is Mike's uninitialized variable, not this patch, but  
> I'll move this back to New and re-test.

Just clarifyling to be fair, it is not Mike's uninitialized variable 
(or other intermittency-causing bug). Mike was merely unfortunate 
enough to write a couple reg-tests that suffer from issue 1723 
(and stubborn enough to refuse to let me edit the reg-test to work 
around the bug).

We found issue 1723 occurrences as far back as version 2.12

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