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Re: Paper block ordering

From: David Kastrup
Subject: Re: Paper block ordering
Date: Sun, 20 Nov 2011 08:03:30 +0100
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Jay Anderson <address@hidden> writes:

> In 2.15.19 the ordering of things in the paper block matters where it
> didn't before.

I think that is a wrong characterization.

> An example which removes the first system indent:
> ============
> \version "2.15.19"
> \paper
> {
>   indent = 0\in
>   #(set-paper-size "letter")
>   %indent = 0\in %Move the indent here to have the indent take effect.
> }
> \score { \new Staff {R1} }
> ============
> This is a very minor issue (if it is an issue rather than a design
> decision going forward), but I figured that it's worth mentioning.

Now try the following with an older version

  indent = 0\in
  ragged-right = ##t
  #(set-paper-size "letter")
\score { \new Staff {R1} }

See?  If you take a look at the definition of set-paper-size, you will
see that it _always_ has set indent as well.  Previous to 2.15.19, # was
executed by the _lexer_ as a lookahead token _before_ doing the
assignment to indent.  It was shere luck that your indent assignment was
executed _after_ set-paper-size.

Now #, while being read by the lexer, is actually being executed in the
parser at a sane point of time.

David Kastrup

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