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Issue 2055 in lilypond: Patch: Make 2-argument form of \accidentalStyle

From: lilypond
Subject: Issue 2055 in lilypond: Patch: Make 2-argument form of \accidentalStyle
Date: Fri, 25 Nov 2011 17:56:40 +0000

Status: New
Owner: ----
Labels: Type-Enhancement Patch-new

New issue 2055 by address@hidden: Patch: Make 2-argument form of \accidentalStyle

Make 2-argument form of \accidentalStyle

And run update-with-convert-ly.sh

I am not all too happy with the syntax here, but can't think of
anything reasonably better.

Except possibly removing the ability of being able to specify a
context altogether since the accidentalrules should know where to
apply themselves without asking.

Or checking (ly:output-description $defaultlayout) and accept only
those symbols as context specification that are listed there.

Or using a different command name for the two-argument case.

But I like all those alternatives even worse.


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