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RE: Special characters in path using lilypond-book with Texshop engine

From: Dona Mommsen
Subject: RE: Special characters in path using lilypond-book with Texshop engine
Date: Mon, 7 May 2012 11:44:48 +0200

Correction: I apologize to Nicola for the first, incomplete message — I sent 
the message instead of adding the attachments, sorry!


thanks to all who are working on this.

I upgraded to  TeXShop 3.07 and Lilypond 2.15.38-1, which both should work for 
Lilypond 2.14 continued working like a charm (for the limited use I had) that 
it never occurred to me to check about the Lion compatibility. I should have 
checked that…

However, after upgrading both TeXShop and Lilypond the result is still the same 
on my side.

As Nicola suggested, I changed the verbose and debug settings in the 
lilypond-book engine

On May 6, 2012, at 12:44 PM, Nicola Vitacolonna wrote:

> Sorry for sending you yet another email, but this has occurred to me right 
> now: which TeX distribution have you installed?
> You may try to upgrade TeXShop to the latest release (3.04) and download the 
> development snapshot of LilyPond (2.15.38-1). If that does not fix the 
> problem, there may be something wrong with your TeX distribution (I recommend 
> that you use MacTeX 2011: http://www.tug.org/mactex/2011/).
> Nicola

On May 6, 2012, at 12:38 PM, Nicola Vitacolonna wrote:

> On 06/mag/2012, at 12:24, Nicola Vitacolonna wrote:
>> One more thing that might help me is this: open the file 
>> ~/Library/TeXShop/Engines/LilyPond-Book.engine with a text editor, and 
>> change the lines
> I forgot to mention: in Lion the Library folder is hidden. To access it, you 
> have to click on the Go menu in the Finder while keeping the alt key pressed.
> Nicola

I attached two files with the output: one file contains the output for the file 
that compiles with no special characters in the path, the other one the aborted 

> I am not sure if I understand correctly, but if you are talking about the 
> \includegraphics commands inside the *-systems.tex files, then no .pdf 
> extension is needed—that is, they should look like this:
> \includegraphics{4a/lily-302d4edc-1}
>> Next, I added manually the .pdf file extension for each snippet. For example 
>> in:
>> lily-085adc2a-systems.tex
>> Original:
>> \includegraphics{/Users/dona/Documents/Data 
>> Personal/FluÃÇte-aÃÄ-bec/Test-Lilypond-book/test-lilypond-book-lily/56/lily-085adc2a-1}%
>> % eof
> Mmh, this may be the culprit: that path should not be an absolute path 
> (compare with my example above). Again, if you send me the files you are 
> using, maybe I can figure out what is happening.

Thanks Nicola for telling me that the file extension (.pdf) does not need to be 
in the  *-systems.tex files and yes, there is still a full path in these files.

I hope that this will help you to understand what's going on.



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