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Midi output problem in 2.15.38

From: Michael Pozhidaev
Subject: Midi output problem in 2.15.38
Date: Fri, 11 May 2012 22:20:37 +0700


I have tried the 2.15.38 on my scores and have found that the result is
not correct. I don't know should it be considered as critical bug or no so
writing this message. Please, take a look at files in attachment.

There are three files: short snippet, proper midi output by
lilypond-2.14.2 and incorrect midi output by 2.15.38.

The 2.15.38 is installed in linux-x86_64 and downloaded as binary
package. Thanks!

Michael Pozhidaev. Tomsk, Russia.
Russian info page: http://www.marigostra.ru/

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