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Re: Midi output problem in 2.15.38

From: Michael Pozhidaev
Subject: Re: Midi output problem in 2.15.38
Date: Fri, 11 May 2012 23:06:04 +0700
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Hello, David!

> Can you tell _what_ about the midi output you consider incorrect?

The two dynamics command, \fff and \ff, used in 6th measure  actually
applies in 4th measure in midi file. It is easy to check if remove \fff
and \ff from the snippet and listen again. The volume increasing in 4th
measure will disappear.

There is also something strange with piano sustain pedal but it is not
so obvious what really happens. I just hear piano sustain suddenly

I can put somewhere wav files I get with timidity if it is better to
hear exactly what I hear.

Michael Pozhidaev. Tomsk, Russia.
Russian info page: http://www.marigostra.ru/

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