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Support for pdf layers?

From: Urs Liska
Subject: Support for pdf layers?
Date: Fri, 18 May 2012 13:10:41 +0200
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Hello LilyPonders,

is it possible to think of LilyPond supporting pdf layers, i.e. producing output that is distributed on several layers?

The most obvious use for such a thing would be the option to have different languages in one document (and the enduser being able to chose from by selecting/deselecting layers). Or for teaching purposes (documents where you can hide/show solutions, hints or explanations). Or show/hide fingerings. Or to produce by default a hidden layer with \debugCurvesOn. (I think the options are numerous).

But I'm even more interested in such a use for scholarly editions.

There have been many experiments and discussions recently in the world of musicological editing dealing with options to present the material, different readings, different musical sources etc.

Being able to produce layered pdfs could be a major 'selling point' for LilyPond. And make it better known in the editorial world. As I just now experienced LilyPond's potential as a tool for collaborative editing, I could imagine that this would be an interesting target group.

I don't know how pdf layers work internally, but I imagine it should _basically_ be quite simple to create layers and write music on a specific layer. This could be entered with a syntax similar to tags or a modified \change command.

I am well aware that it wouldn't be trivial at all to deal with the more complex implications, especially the question of layers being involved in collision handling or not (which would have to be very flexible - and therefore at the same time complex). But for now I'd just like to know if such a thing would in principle be considered possible.


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