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Re: Cppcheck reports

From: Julien Nabet
Subject: Re: Cppcheck reports
Date: Fri, 18 May 2012 22:39:31 +0200
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On 18/05/2012 22:27, Carl Sorensen wrote:

On 5/18/12 1:42 PM, "Marek Klein"<address@hidden>  wrote:


2012/5/17 Julien Nabet<address@hidden>

I'm not top posting.

I just git clone Lilypond project and launched cppcheck (git updated
I thought it could interest you, here are some examples :
[lily/tuplet-bracket.cc:594] ->  [lily/tuplet-bracket.cc:594]: (style) Same
expression on both sides of '-'
   592   if (!follow_beam)
   593     {
   594       points.push_back (Offset (x0 - x0, staff[dir]));
   595       points.push_back (Offset (x1 - x0, staff[dir]));
   596     }

[lily/tie-engraver.cc:240]: (performance) Prefer prefix ++/-- operators
non-primitive types
240           for (; it<  heads_to_tie_.end (); it++)
241             report_unterminated_tie (*it);
(+ it's safer to use it != heads_to_tie_.end ())

[lily/paper-book.cc:346]: (performance) Possible inefficient checking for
   346       if (cols.size ())
   347         {
   348           Paper_column *col = dynamic_cast<Paper_column *>
(cols.back ());
   349           col->set_property (symbol, permission);
   350           col->find_prebroken_piece (LEFT)->set_property (symbol,
   351         }

If you're interested, I can send you the full report (since there's no
possibility of attachment), just tell me where I can send it.


This need some discussion before tracking an issue, I think - therefore
cc-ing devel...
I think that it would be worth creating an issue, and attaching the output
file from cppcheck, as long as the file is not too long.

At any rate, I'd like to see the output file.
I attached the file. As for the issue, I'm not sure having well understood your process.
Anyway if it can help.

To have the file report, just follow these very simple steps :
1) retrieve cppcheck
/git clone https://github.com/danmar/cppcheck.git/
2) go to cppcheck and compile
/cd cppcheck && make/
3) go to lilypond-git and launch cppcheck
/~/cppcheck/cppcheck/cppcheck --enable=all ./ 2>./cppcheck_report.txt
(it launches cppcheck with all the checking rules + put the found elements in cppcheck_report.txt + you can follow the progress)



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