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Lilypond fails to compile music on mac, segfaults on Linux

From: Jeff
Subject: Lilypond fails to compile music on mac, segfaults on Linux
Date: Thu, 24 May 2012 15:09:48 +0000 (UTC)
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> I'm not top posting.

The following music doesn't compile on the mac 
and causes a segfault on Linux.

Mac OSX Lion
Ubuntu 12.04

LilyPond Versions
2.14.2-1 (mac)
2.14.2-2 (ubu from apt-get)

Command from ubu:
$ lilypond WhenILookIntoYourHoliness.ly 
GNU LilyPond 2.14.2
Processing `WhenILookIntoYourHoliness.ly'
Interpreting music... 
Interpreting music... [8][16][24][32]
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

There was no core file in the directory. Ubuntu sent
a crash report yesterday.

1) There is no error message when compiling 
(Cmd+R) on the mac. It silently fails.
2) If you uncomment out the lines indicated and 
comment out the lines following it will compile 
(2 places in the file).
3) if you remove the music after the problem areas, 
keeping the voice structure intact, it will compile.

\version "2.14.2"

pianoRH = \relative c''' {
  \time 4/4
  \key d \major

    \new Voice {
        a8 a a a a4. a8
        <a fis> <b g>4. ~ <b g>4 fis8 g
        a a <a d,> <fis a,> <a d,>4. b8
% uncomment next line and comment out the 1 after
%        <d, b a fis>2 <d b g e>4 <fis cis>8 <g dis>
         r8 <cis ais>16 e <d fis,> d, <gis eis> b 
<a fis d b>2
        a a a a a4 a8 a
        <a fis cis> <b g d> ~ <b g d> a16 a 
<g d g,>4 <fis cis fis,>
        r4 \times 8/7 { dis32 e g b d c b } \times 8/7 { gis a c e g fis e } 
\times 8/7 { dis e g b d c b }
        \times 8/7 { a g fis e d c b } \times 8/7 { a g fis e d cis b } a4 
<fis'' dis b fis>8 <g e c g>
        a a a a a4. <a a,>8
        <a fis d a> <b g e b>4. r4 <fis cis ais fis>8 <g ees bes g>
        <a fis d a> <a e cis a> <a fis d a> fis \times 2/3 { <a e cis a>4 <a 
fis d a> <b b,> }
        <d, g,>8 <b d,> <g b,> fis16 g <a fis dis>8 <g e c> <fis dis b> <g e c>
        a a a a a4 a8 a
        <a fis d a> <b g d b>4 a8 <g d g,>4 <a fis d a>
        <g b,>8 <fis a,> <e g,>4 <e c aes g>2
        <e d b g>
\times 2/3 { <a fis d a>4 <b gis e b> <cis ais fis cis> }

        r4 <d' g,>16 <b d,> <b d,> <g b,> <g b,> <d g,> <d g,> <b d,> <b d,> <g 
b,> <g b,>16 a
        <b g d>2 \times 2/3 { <cis ais fis cis>4 <d d,> <e e,> }
        <a, e cis>2 ~ <a e cis>8 fis <a e d>4
        <b d,>2.. <fis dis cis ais>8
        \times 2/3 { <g e d b>4 <e g,> <fis a,> } <g b,>2
        r4 e8 e <d g,>4 <e a,>
        fis2 g
        a \times 2/3 { <a e cis a>4 <b b,> <cis cis,> }
            <d b g d>1
          } \\ {
            r8. <d' g, d>16 <d g, d>8. <b d, b>16 <b d, b>8. <g b, g>16 <g b, 
g>8 <fis fis,>
        <g d g,>2 \times 2/3 { <cis, ais fis cis>4 d e }
        a,2 <fis cis fis,>4. e8
        d2.. fis8
        \times 2/3 { <g b,>4 <e g,> <fis a,> } <g b,>2
        r4 e8 e <d b g>4 cis
        \change Staff = "bss"
        <d fis,>8 <a d,> <d fis,> <fis a,> <d fis,> <fis a,> \change Staff = 
"trbl" <a d,> <d fis,>
        <fis a,>2. <fis' cis fis,>4
    \new Voice {
      <e,, cis a>1
      <d b>2. <cis ais fisis>4
      <e cis a>4 s2.
% uncomment the following line and comment out the next
%     s2. <ais, fisis>4
      <d b a fis> <ais, fisis>4
      <fis' e cis a>2. <fis d a>8 <e cis a>
      <e b e,>1
      <fis' d a>2.. s8
      <fis, d a>8 <fis d a> <fis d a> <e cis a> <fis d a>4 <e cis a>8 <fis d a>
      << {
        <d' a fis d>
         } \\ {
        s4 b16 g g d d b b g g d d8
      e'8 cis d e d b cis d16 e
      fis2 s2
      cis8 b bes a gis2

pianoLH = \relative c' {
  \tempo 4 = 120
  \time 4/4 
  \key d \major
  d,,4 <fis' a,>2.
  g,16 b d e \times 4/6 { fis e d cis b a } \times 4/6 { g fis e d cis b } a16 
b f' ees
  d4 <fis' a,>2.
  g,4 ~ g16 fis e d c4 a
  <a' d,>2 <fis' a,>
  g,16 d' e fis <g b,>4 <b, e,> <a d,>
  <g c,>2 b,
  a2. <fis''' cis g>4
  d,, <fis' a,>2.
  g,4 <g' b,>2 <g a,>4
  d,2 <fis' a,>2
  g,4 <g' b,> <g a,>2
  d,8 a' fis' a, d, a' fis'4
  g,8 d' g4 <b, e,> <a d,>
  <g c,>2 bes,
  <g g,>1
  <a a,>2 <g' a,>
  <a fis,>2. <ais cis,>4
  \times 4/6 {b,,16 fis' b cis16 d cis } \times 4/6 { b fis d b fis d } b2
  <b'' e,>2 <g' e,>4 <a fis,> 
  <b g,>2 b,8 a16 b cis4 
  <fis d>2 <g e,>
      a16 g fis e d a fis e d2
      \change Staff = "trbl"
      s8. <g'' d b>16 <g d b>8. <d b g>16 <d b g>8. <b g d>16 <b g d>4
    } \\ {
      fis,2 s2
  <g' e,>2 <g a,>4 g,
  fis2 ais
  b b,
  d, ~
  d2 r4 <fis'' cis ais>

\score {
  \new PianoStaff <<
    \set PianoStaff.instrumentName = #"Piano"
    \new Staff = "trbl" { \pianoRH }
    \new Staff = "bss" { \clef bass \pianoLH }
  \midi { }
  \layout { }

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