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Re: A few regressiontest-2.15.41.pdf results

From: Marek Klein
Subject: Re: A few regressiontest-2.15.41.pdf results
Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2012 21:50:46 +0200


2012/7/16 ArnoldTheresius <address@hidden>

> beam-collision-basic.ly:
> collision of notehad and beam in measure 6, beat 3 + 1/8
> beamlet-test.ly:
> Looks inconsistent to me in some quintuplets
> - measure 1, 3rd group
> - measure 2, 1st group
> - measure 5, 2nd group, 2nd bemlet
> Isue 11, Comment 31, Screenshot-1.png looks good and is what I would
> expect.
> (i.e. in quituplets the five 'internal beats' are used to dertermine the
> direction)
> By the way, I was not shure for which criteria to search in the issues
> list.
> I looked for the LY-filename (without the file extension .ly).

Is this a bug report? I do not understand.
Anyone else?

bug squad member

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