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Re: Collision between note beams and chords using tabFullNotation

From: Phil Holmes
Subject: Re: Collision between note beams and chords using tabFullNotation
Date: Sun, 22 Jul 2012 12:28:27 +0100

"Mark Brophy" <address@hidden> wrote in message news:address@hidden
I'm not top posting.

% This bug is a "tiny example" because nothing can be removed; the bug
% is a consequence of a dense set of eighth and sixteenth notes placed
% in guitar tablature using tabFullNotation.
% The bug causes a collision between the beams of the notes and chords
% above in the second line; there are no collisions in the first line.

\version "2.14.0"  % necessary for upgrading to future LilyPond versions.

 \chords {d1 a b:m fis:m g d g a }
 \new TabStaff {
< d\5 fis'\2 >8
a16\4 d'\3 d\5 fis'\2 a\4 d\5 a'4\1
d'8\3 fis'\2

< a,\5 cis'\2 >8
e16\4 a\3 a,\5 cis'\2 e\4 a,\5 e'4\1
a8\3 cis'\2

< b,\6 fis'\2 >8
b16\4 d'\3 fis\5 fis'\2 b\4 b,\6 b'4\1
d'8\3 fis'\2

< fis,\6 cis'\2 >8
fis16\4 a\3 cis\5 cis'\2 fis\4 fis,\6 fis'4\1
a8\3 cis'\2

< g,\6 b\2 >8
d16\4 g\3 b,\5 b\2 d\4 g,\6 g'4\1
g8\3 b\2

d8\4 a16\3 fis'\1 a\3 d'8\2 a16\3 fis'\1
d'\2 a8\3 d4\4

< g,\6 d'\2 >8
g16\4 b\3 d\5 d'\2 g\4 g,\6 g'4\1
b8\3 d'\2

< a,\6 e'\2 >8
a16\4 cis'\3 e\5 e'\2 a\4 a,\6 a'4\1
cis'8\3 e'\2

Note to the bug squad: this doesn't appear by default in 2.15.41, but this is only because it breaks the lines in difference places. With explicit \break the collision still occurs.

Phil Holmes

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