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Re: random crashes in lilypond 2.14.2 on some Rosegarden output

From: John Mandereau
Subject: Re: random crashes in lilypond 2.14.2 on some Rosegarden output
Date: Wed, 01 Aug 2012 18:08:28 +0200

Il giorno dom, 29/07/2012 alle 22.23 +0200, David Monniaux ha scritto:
> lilypond 2.14.2 crashes randomly (once it may run successfully, the next
> time it may crash, etc.) on the following file. The error message is:

How did you install LilyPond?  Did you install a precompiled binary from
lilypond.org, a package from your distribution, or did you compile

> Preprocessing graphical objects...throw from within critical section.
> Aborted
> Since the message talks of "critical section", which usually alludes to
> multithreading, it may be of importance that the machine is dual-core.
> OS kernel is Linux 3.0.18-rt34

Of even more importance is that you seem to be running a low-latency
kernel (it seems so from -rt34 release tag).  Which GNU/Linux
distribution release do you use exactly?  What is your hardware
(x86_64) ?  Could you get more information on the crash, like a stack
trace or a core dump?

I'm asking these details because installing LilyPond 2.14.2 from
lilypond.org on Fedora 17 x86_64 I get

GNU LilyPond 2.14.2
Processing `rosegarden-generated.ly'
Interpreting music... 
Preprocessing graphical objects...
Finding the ideal number of pages...
Fitting music on 1 page...
Drawing systems...
Layout output to `rosegarden-generated.ps'...
Converting to `./rosegarden-generated.pdf'...
success: Compilation successfully completed


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