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Please write to this list directly

From: address@hidden
Subject: Please write to this list directly
Date: Sun, 12 Aug 2012 18:37:25 +0200

Dear Midenok,

Please write to this list directly with any bug questions or post to:


Adding things directly to the tracker makes things difficult for the limited 
number of volunteers who are taking care of the bug squad.  Your request is not 
invalid (all requests are valid), but they need to go through the right 
channels.  You do not need to subscribe to the bug list to post on gmane and 
you will be kept in the loop as the development community discusses the issue.  
If it is deemed to be a bug, it'll get put on the tracker.

Furthermore, I would recommend joining the users list to discuss your problem 
and then unjoining.  You are against a default paper that the majority of the 
community wants, so any discussion about its modification should be had on that 


reply via email to

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