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Glossary: incorrect 'incompl. dom. seventh chord' symbol

From: ArnoldTheresius
Subject: Glossary: incorrect 'incompl. dom. seventh chord' symbol
Date: Wed, 15 Aug 2012 23:48:23 -0700 (PDT)

In the section »functional harmony« of the music glossary
the symbol for the »incomplete dominant seventh chord« is
incorrect. It should be a »capital letter D with a diagonal
cancellation stroke, followed by a superscript digit 7«.

See the following patch diff file for my correction suggestion.

diff --git a/lilypond-2.15.95/Documentation/music-glossary.tely
index a57dffb..306d050 100644
--- a/lilypond-2.15.95/Documentation/music-glossary.tely
+++ b/lilypond-2.15.95j/Documentation/music-glossary.tely
@@ -246,10 +246,11 @@ Languages in this order.
 * harmony::
 * hemiola::
 * homophony::
 * hook::
 * hymn meter::
+* incomplete dominant seventh chord::
 * interval::
 * inversion::
 * inverted interval::
 * just intonation::
 * key::
@@ -3874,28 +3875,48 @@ A system of harmonic analysis.
 It is based on the idea that, in a given key, there are only three
 functionally different chords: tonic (T, the chord on the first note of the
 scale), subdominant (S, the chord on the fourth note), and dominant (D, the
 chord on the fifth note).  Others are considered to be variants of the base
-TODO: what does the @q{p} mean in Sp, Dp, Tp?
+A few examples among many others are the tonic, subdominant or dominant of
+the parallel minor scale, or the incomplete dominant seventh chord.
+#(define-markup-command (diagonal-stroke layout props arg)
+  (markup?)
+  #:category font
+  #:properties ((font-size 0) (thickness 1.5) (extension 0.07))
+  (let*
+   ((thick (* (magstep font-size)
+      (ly:output-def-lookup layout 'line-thickness)))
+    (underline-thick (* thickness thick))
+    (markup (interpret-markup layout props arg))
+    (x1 (car (ly:stencil-extent markup X)))
+    (x2 (cdr (ly:stencil-extent markup X)))
+    (y1 (car (ly:stencil-extent markup Y)))
+    (y2 (cdr (ly:stencil-extent markup Y)))
+    (dx (* extension (- x2 x1)))
+    (dy (* extension (- y2 y1)))
+    (line (make-line-stencil underline-thick
+      (- x1 dx) (- y1 dy)
+      (+ x2 dx) (+ y2 dy))))
+   (ly:stencil-add markup line)))
     <g e c>1   *
     <c a f> <d b g> <e c a> <f d b>
   \lyrics {
     T Sp Dp S D Tp
-    \markup { D \translate #'(-2 . 0) | }
+    \markup { \concat { \diagonal-stroke D \super "7" } }
 @end lilypond
-No cross-references.
address@hidden, @ref{incomplete dominant seventh chord},
address@hidden, @ref{tonic}.
 @node G
 @section G
@@ -4333,10 +4354,29 @@ easier reading, a hymn with a meter of
is usually written
 No cross-references.
address@hidden incomplete dominant seventh chord
address@hidden incomplete dominant seventh chord
+ES: ?,
+I: ?,
+F: ?,
+D: verkürzter Dominantseptakkord,
+NL: ?,
+DK: ?,
+S: ?,
+FI: ?.
+A dominant seventh chord where the root tone is removed.
+The remaining three tones build a diminished triad.
address@hidden, @ref{dominant seventh chord}, @ref{functional harmony}.
 @node interval
 @section interval
 ES: intervalo,
 I: intervallo,

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