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Five issues with automatic footnotes to lyrics

From: Trevor Daniels
Subject: Five issues with automatic footnotes to lyrics
Date: Thu, 6 Sep 2012 23:11:57 +0100

I'm trying to document footnotes and I have just begun to look at footnotes to 
lyrics.  There are so many issues with using automatic marks that I think I'll 
leave this out of the documentation.  Try this:

\score { 
    { a' b' c'' d'' }
    \addlyrics {
      One two
      \footnote #'(0.01 . 0.01) #'LyricText "iii" \default

It exposes at least 5 issues:

a) The need to use \default has already been noted by David as a bug.

b) The need to use tiny positive offsets to position the mark at top-right 
is silly.

c) The mark itself is positioned too high, and it is not possible to lower it
with other values of the offsets.  This method of offsetting from the object's
boundaries limits the positioning to the four corner quadrants or along the
vertical and horizontal centre lines.  Other positions are unreachable.

d) The mark's extent is ignored, causing it to be positioned too close to the 
following lyric word.

e) The alternative \auto-footnote command would probably work better,
but it gives a syntax error in a Lyrics context.


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