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similar/identical snippets and cut off on the right border v2.17.2

From: eluze
Subject: similar/identical snippets and cut off on the right border v2.17.2
Date: Sun, 23 Sep 2012 01:37:35 -0700 (PDT)

browsing through the /snippets.pdf/  I found under /Setting system
separators/, page 470/471 an example which is cut off on the right.

the same [52/lily-6ae693a3.png] example appears also on page 140/141 and on
page 441/442 both with a cut off right border, too!

in NR there are 2 similar examples

- one after /Miscellaneous \paper variables/ [16/lily-e1ae1c0c.png]
page-spacing-weight …
print-all-headers …
- the other is in chapter /Separating systems/ [4b/lily-3030cea4.png]

does it make sense to keep/maintain both? could the one in /Miscellaneous
\paper variables/ just /link/ to /Separating systems/ where it is explained
with an example?

downloading these snippets from the html version (where it displays
correctly) I was astonished to see that they all have the statement \version
"2.16.0" - is this correct?

scrolling to page 167, 196, 478 /Adjusting lyrics vertical spacing/ there is
a code line with a black bar at the end

snippets.pdf, /Incipit/, page 123

the line displays only
  '(or (false-if-exception (- indent (* mm incipit-wid
instead of
  '(or (false-if-exception (- indent (* mm incipit-width

(there are more)

sorry to post all this in one, but I'm not sure if these issues are supposed
to be fixed (eg. by http://code.google.com/p/lilypond/issues/detail?id=1691)
or if they will be fixed in the coming new release (stable or unstable).


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