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Re: vowel aligned lyrics - want to improve it

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: vowel aligned lyrics - want to improve it
Date: Thu, 04 Apr 2013 12:45:40 +0200
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On 04/04/2013 11:50 AM, address@hidden wrote:

Someone on the French users mailing list would like to align lyrics
on the first vowel.

I found this thread but searching the LSR with the keyword "vowel"
gives no result (and, of course, nothing about this in the doc).

1. Could someone confirm me this is the latest version of the code for
"vowel aligned lyrics" feature?
2. If it's effectively not on the LSR, could it be added?
3. It would be great to have "vowel aligned lyrics" directly in
LilyPond; could this be added to the tracker as feature request?
I guess the proper way to obtain this would be to be able to set the reference point for the corresponding LyricText object to correspond to a certain character and let LilyPond calculate all widths as usual. Such a solution could then be embedded into a convenient Scheme function that finds the relevant character to use as the reference point. I did some related experiments with alignment of custom dynamics many years back, see solution 6 within http://lsr.dsi.unimi.it/LSR/Item?id=393 and related discussions in the mailing list archives.


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