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Re: PointAndClick on Windows

From: ArnoldTheresius
Subject: Re: PointAndClick on Windows
Date: Wed, 10 Apr 2013 04:20:06 -0700 (PDT)

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What I see, is the following:

On the way from the problem "PointAndClick on Windows not working in the
standard setup" to a solution a "documentation" as intermediate step is

I understand lilypond to be primary a "command line compiler to create sheet
music (e.g. as PDF) from a human readable source code".
To work with lilypond you need some other tools, i.e.. a text editor and a
PDF reader, or an integrated development environment.
For each operatiing system there are multiple options for each "user
interface tool" with different features avalible.
Features for the editor are: UTF-8 support, syntax highlighting, auto
complete, collapse-expand-sections, search in other files and goto the found
position, point-and-click-capabilitiy, freeware-lor-legacy
Featurer for the PDF viewer as: file lock which inhibits recreation of the
PDF while it's open, auto-update of the view, point-and-click-capability
I missed such an overview when I started using Lilypond, and until now I do
not know a place to find this information.

An overview like this will help the users, and perhaps it'll lead to the
answer, which of the possible "working environment setup" to setup by
default by the lilypond installation.
Would it be a good idea to add such a table to Manuals-Usage at the
lilypond.org internet representation?

Here I try to start and list a few information:

Editor "lilypad" (Windows) - Freeware
  UTF-8 NOT supported (the last time I tried it)

Editor "notepad" (Windows) - included in the Operating system
  UTF-8 supported
  current Line- and Column can be displayed (user must turn it on)
  NO syntax highlighting
  NO auto complete
  NO collapse/expand
  NO search in other files
  ONLY VERY SPECIAL SETUP to achieve Point-and-Click capability (documented
in the german Lilypond User Forum)

Viewer "acrobat reader" (Windows) - Free use
  LOCKS the opend files thus the cannot be recompiled until you close the
viewer, therefore also NO autoupdate
  Point-and-Click capabiliy available

Viewer "sumatraPDF" (Windows) - Freeware
  no lock of opened files
  SPECIAL SETUP to allow Point-and-Click (add "textedit" to the protocol
list in sumatrapdfrestrict.ini)

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