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Re: point and click implementation

From: ArnoldTheresius
Subject: Re: point and click implementation
Date: Wed, 10 Apr 2013 23:42:19 -0700 (PDT)

Eluze wrote
> ...
> @echo off
> SETLOCAL enableExtensions enableDelayedExpansion 
> FOR /f "tokens=1*" %%a in ('REG QUERY HKCR\ly_auto_file\shell\open\command
> ') do (
>   CALL :xx editor %%b
>   IF NOT [!editor!]==[] SET editor=!editor!
> )
> ECHO(&ECHO the LilyPond editor is: %editor%
> GOTO :eof
> :xx
>   IF NOT [%3]==[] SET %~1=%3
>   GOTO :eof
> next step would be matching this information with a table of editors and
> their parameters …
> Eluze

Hello Eluze,

I cheked it last night, and finally I *located a bug*!

For the file explorer operation you'll find in the registry
HKEY_CLASS_ROOT\*.ly* having the value *LilyPond*
Then you find in
HKEY_CLASS_ROOT\*LilyPond*\shell\*edit*\command something like
*"C:\...lilypad.exe" "%1"*
Close to this you'll also find the command for *open* and *generate*.

Moreover, in the registry at
the call to be initiated by clicking at the link in the PDF reader is
registered. This is, what I replace wth a call to my notepad-launcher after
I installed a new version of Lilypond. But I remember, the original value is
something like:
*"C:\...\usr\bin\guile.exe" "...\usr\bin\lilypond-invoke-editor" "%1"*

So, I tried that command (with textedit://... argument) in the command line
and got this error message:
/ERROR: no code for module (scm editor)/
Checking this guile script I found in line 162 the %load-path is extended by
the value of LILYPOND_DATADIR, adding an output on the screen did show a
value /.../usr/share/lilypond/2.17.14/ - a directory which does not exist on
the windows installation!
Next I replaced in line 48 »TOPLEVEL-VERSION« with »"current"« and the
command line call did launch lilypad.

Please check, if you replace
    (if (eq? prefix (dirname DATADIR)) COMPILE-TIME-PREFIX
        (format #f "~a/share/lilypond/~a"
                prefix TOPLEVEL-VERSION))))
    (if (eq? prefix (dirname DATADIR)) COMPILE-TIME-PREFIX
        (format #f "~a/share/lilypond/~a"
                         *(if (eq? PLATFORM 'windows)*
wether this solves the problem or not. Perhaps the definition of PLATFORM
has to be moved in this file, too.

I'll not be able to check it before monday night, unfortunately.


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