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Re: cross staff notes collide

From: Janek Warchoł
Subject: Re: cross staff notes collide
Date: Thu, 11 Apr 2013 15:59:55 +0200

2013/4/10 Evan Laforge <address@hidden>:
> This is not my error, it's lilypond's error.  Additionally, the point
> is not that it's possible to manually fix the problem.  It's possible
> to manually fix all placement problems.
> If the problem is that it's too hard to figure out stem direction
> automatically, that's one thing. "Hard to fix" is not a reason to not
> file a bug, but it might influence my motivation to go try and fix it
> myself.  If the problem is that there's a policy of basing stem
> direction only on pitch and not potential collisions, that's another
> thing, and would be an interesting thing to talk about.
> C'mon guys, there's no need to be defensive.  What other software does
> and how much it costs is not relevant.

+1.  It doesn't matter what Sibelius does nor what it doesn't do; its
behaviour don't represent "standard notation practice".
However, similarly to Werner, i wouldn't call this a "lilypond error",
but a feature request.

Anyway, i'm not totally sure if this is a cross-staff issue -
cross-staffness may be just a factor.  It seems to me that the cause
of the problem is in LilyPond not assigning multiple simultaneous
voices as upper and lower automatically; and as far as i see it will
be difficult to correctly design what such automatic behaviour should


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