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Re: point and click implementation

From: Phil Holmes
Subject: Re: point and click implementation
Date: Fri, 12 Apr 2013 16:12:13 +0100

"ArnoldTheresius" <address@hidden> wrote in message news:address@hidden

and there are at least some *fundamental* enhancement requests for lilypad.
I'm not sure if they're allready listed, and I did not check until now in
the issue list:
- no UTF-8 support (I would expect: UTF-8 only) [698]
- no reuse of allready opened edit windows (popup the edit window if the
file is allready opened, and send a »goto line/column command« to this
- no display of the current line and column of the cursor position
- no »goto line/column« in the menu

All this lead me to use notepad together with a special
»popup_or_launch_notepad__then_goto_line_and_column« at my installation.

Nevertheless, I'll try if I can get lilypad cross-compiled in the UBUNTU
development VM image (mingw is allready added).
Using notepad-plus as a new base of lilypad (or call it then lilypad-plus)
would still be much work - perhaps too much work.
I often aksed myself if it's worth for me to create a special text editor to use with lilypond on windows, but I know this would be a lot of work even if I can start with another freeware editor. Perhaps more time required than I
can afford.

I've managed to compile lilypad on my Windows machine using mingw gcc. What I've discovered firstly is that the version we deliver is not the one you get when you compile the source on github. So the first issue is to fix that, and then consider some simple enhancements. (BTW - the "new" version opens at the right line and column).

Phil Holmes
Bug Squad

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