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Re: Web/Docs: LilyPond version is not clear on docs web pages

From: James
Subject: Re: Web/Docs: LilyPond version is not clear on docs web pages
Date: Wed, 08 May 2013 18:57:40 +0100
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On 08/05/13 17:57, Paul Morris wrote:

In the docs on the web it is not obvious, especially to new users, which 
version of LilyPond any given page is for.  This is particularly a problem when 
landing on a doc page directly from a web search or link.

For example, a new user does a web search that takes them directly to an old 
docs page like this:

The only clue they have that they are not looking at the current docs is the "2.14" in 
the URL (which they will probably not notice), and the tiny text "This page is for 
LilyPond-2.14.2 (stable-branch)." that is not visible until you scroll all the way down a long 


A simple thing would be to put the version number of LilyPond somewhere at the top of every web 
page.  For example, it could go at the top of the left hand column.  Where it says "LilyPond - 
Notation Reference" it could say "LilyPond 2.14 - Notation Reference" instead.

To make it more obvious, you could have "LilyPond 2.14" in a larger font size on its own 
line, with "Notation Reference" on the next line.

Optionally, to take this a step further, a clear message could appear at the top of each 
page in older versions of the docs that says something like "NOTE: This 
documentation is *not* for the most recent version of LilyPond.  We recommend using the 
most recent version which is documented here."  With links to the current version of 
LilyPond and the docs.
bug-lilypond mailing list

The website is built automatically using texinfo/scripts.



It isn't simply a case of someone editing some HTML code somewhere on a hosted page.

There are a number of bug reports about various aspects of the website







There are probably more but these are the open ones that I quickly found. I am sure this has been discussed and probably tracked elsewhere if not in one of these above.



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