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Re: crash of musicxml2ly

From: Marek Klein
Subject: Re: crash of musicxml2ly
Date: Wed, 8 May 2013 21:36:46 +0200

Hello Patrick,

2013/4/24 pls <address@hidden>

> Laura,
> you are right. For the time being you will have to unzip the file manually
> and run musicxml2ly on the .xml file.  The conversion with musicxml2ly will
> be successful (no error messages) but unfortunately the compilation with
> LilyPond (v2.17.15) will fail due to a segmentation fault.  (Something went
> wrong in the conversion process.) Everything is fine (apart from the -z |
> --compressed option) when you use our musicxml2ly-dev version on
> https://github.com/Philomelos/lilypond-musicxml2ly-dev.  Thanks for the
> bug report!
> hth
> patrick

 Do we have a tracker issue for this? (I am not able to find any)

bug squad member

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