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tab - wrong bar duration? wrong note stem?

From: bb
Subject: tab - wrong bar duration? wrong note stem?
Date: Sun, 02 Jun 2013 14:05:04 +0200
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\version "2.16.2"

\new TabStaff <<
  \set TabStaff.tablatureFormat = #fret-number-tablature-format-banjo
  %\set TabStaff.stringTunings = #banjo-open-g-tuning
    g8 a2 b8 c
    a4 b2 c8 d


If you try this example you will see

1. the note stem (or tail) of the half notes are double

2. the bar line will be set wrong! The first bar has 3 eightth note, one quarter note and a half note, makes 9 eighth!

3. this error happens with Banjo tabs as well.



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