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Re: Accidental placement in voiceTwo vs. another staff

From: Janek Warchoł
Subject: Re: Accidental placement in voiceTwo vs. another staff
Date: Thu, 27 Jun 2013 10:12:21 +0200


2013/6/27 Eluze <address@hidden>:
> James Harkins-2 wrote
>> Is this a known bug?
>> It looks like LP is trying to avoid a collision between the natural sign
>> in the top staff's voiceTwo and the sharp sign in the bottom staff. But of
>> course they are nowhere near touching, so there should be no need for
>> collision avoidance.
> reducing your code to one polyphonic staff and omitting the tie shows what
> happens:
> \include "english.ly,,"
> \new Staff <<
>   \new Voice \relative {
>     \key ef \major
>     \voiceOne
>     df''1 %~
>     df
>   }
>   \new Voice \relative c'' {
>     \voiceTwo
>     r1
>     b_"b's natural sign is too far left"
>   }
> the accidental is repeated because we are in a new measure and the natural
> sign avoids the accidental of the top voice.
> when the notes are tied the accidental is not repeated but it seems like
> LilyPond still reserves some space for it.


And yes, i think this is exactly issue 3106.


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