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Re: bug squad

From: Colin Campbell
Subject: Re: bug squad
Date: Fri, 02 Aug 2013 12:50:36 -0600
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On 13-07-24 11:14 PM, Federico Bruni wrote:
2013/7/24 Marek Klein <address@hidden>

Monday:    Eluze
Tuesday:   Ralph
Wednesday: Marek
Thursday:  Joe Wakeling (soon)
Friday:    Colin H
Saturday:  Colin H
Sunday:    Federico
Colin left the squad about a month ago.
As far as I can see (and remember), you, Eluze and Ralph are still active.
I do what I can...

BTW,  I was about to write that I'll be in vacation in August so I need
someone who can replace me on Sunday, from 11th to 25th.

As it happens, I'm able to rejoin the squad, except on Monday or Friday (in anticipation of choir schedules), so you can have one of the Colins back. Who is in charge of the squad these days, and would they let me know where they want me on the schedule, please?

Colin Senex
You gotta draw the line someplace.
 -Charles Mason to Jeremiah Dixon

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