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Re: Suggestion: spacing for swing music?

From: David Kastrup
Subject: Re: Suggestion: spacing for swing music?
Date: Sun, 04 Aug 2013 14:27:48 +0200
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bb <address@hidden> writes:

> {
> \times 2/3 {g8 g g}
> % \times 2/3 {(g8 g) g}
> \times 2/3 {g8. g8 g16}
> % \times 2/3 {[g8 g16]}
> \times 2/3 {g4 g8}
> r4
> }


> It is impossible to set slurs inside triples.


> Is a widely used practice to mark swing rhythm. And I found it
> impossible to beam an eighth with a sixteenth note. (it is often used,
> where the second note. the sixteenth note does have a short additional
> (sixteenth) beam - may be my knowledge of lilypond does not have the
> necessary depths for such a construct?)

Maybe you should look up the syntax of opening slurs and beams in the
manual.  They are written _after_ the note they apply to.  This has
nothing at all to do with triplets.

> May be you can convince the developers to allow slurs in triplets to
> mark the swing rhythm? (I do not try it, because my ideas usually are
> disliked.)
> BTW I do not think this is a bug, it simply is not implemented. BTW I
> am not sure that the bug blog is the correct place for this topic?

The bug list (it is not a "blog") is the right place for both feature
requests and tentative bug reports.  The bug squad will pick up from
there if necessary.  The developer list might be appropriate for
discussing missing functionality when it is not clear how this
functionality should be accessed in the first place.  The user list
might be appropriate if the user suspects that this is just user error.
If the user error is triggered by bad documentation, this can lead to a
problem report for the documentation on the bug list again.

David Kastrup

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