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Re: No progress messages on GUI under Windows 7

From: Marek Klein
Subject: Re: No progress messages on GUI under Windows 7
Date: Wed, 16 Oct 2013 21:52:31 +0200

Forwarding to OP:

2013/10/14 Eluze <address@hidden>

> Jeff Wahl wrote
> > But I prefer to work with a GUI interface. Neither LilypondTool (no
> longer
> > supported) under jEdit nor Frescobaldi will show progress messages from
> > Lilypond 2.16 binaries in the respective console windows (of LilypondTool
> > or
> > Frescobaldi). Both of these GUI interfaces will show the messages when
> > using
> > an older major version of Lilypond. What has changed (not explained in
> > Lilypond documentation)?
> what exactly used to be displayed (and is not displayed in newer versions)
> when you run Lilypond from the command line. which versions were they?
> Eluze
bug squad member

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